Bridging The Gap In Distance Learning

In the new educational paradigm we are all experiencing frustration attempting to teach new concepts to our precious students. No matter the subject or the time zone, Wisdom Cafe is open 24/7 across the globe to offer the perfect learning experience for your student.


Sessions Stored For Safety and Review

Each session is recorded for safety and review of concepts taught as well as a study guide. Review every session – anytime – ensuring consistent understanding of concepts.


$20 Credentialed Teacher – Per Half Hour Session

For $20 per half hour you receive live, on demand, one-on-one instruction from a Credentialed Teacher for tutoring or homework help. The teachers earn $15.00 of the session cost – higher than any other platform. We are proud of our Educators and know you will love them too!


University Graduate – $12.50 Per Half Hour Session

Homework proving difficult? Our Educators help with homework and your tutoring needs. We have professionals with a college degree in the subject you need! Many of our University graduates are working toward their Credential – what a great way for the community to support the next generation of teachers as well! University graduates earn $9.00 from each session. Our goal is to serve academic freedom!

To Our Parents and Guardians

Wisdom Cafe is a passion project – designed to provide the perfect tutor – safely vetted and verified for your child. Our Co-Founders both have children – we value the inherent safety in providing a learning environment suited for children of all ages, in our new world of iPhones and iPads accessible to this generation. Please note – we have not taken institutional investment, we want to keep the cost as minimal as possible – while providing the perfect platform our Children need.

Join us in sharing with the world about Wisdom Cafe – in volume we can keep the costs as low as possible – while providing the Educators with the largest portion of the connection fee.  With your help – we can grow the platform to serve children across all socioeconomic areas in the world – sharing in the delight that is wrapped in children realizing their brilliance at any age.

Wisdom Cafe

Serving academic freedom

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