Education Grants

Funding the future

Your Fund can target the exact topic of education, from Science to Shakespeare.


Choose Your Location

We can geolocate the exact learners your Fund would like to share with. Imagine, NYC having access to Wisdom Cafe's Tutors thanks to your Fund!


Choose Your School District

Funds, and School Districts – you can choose which location receives your funding while keeping the allocation within the employees of a specific School District.


Review Progress

Wisdom Cafe shares with your organization the education learned as a result of your donation. Additionally, we interview students to determine effective learning and teaching styles specific to each individual.


Witness Learning On The Rise

Our platform has the ability to see students increase their aptitude every day. We are discovering a collective global learning capability.  Imagine defining how well your Fund or District has performed while knowing your students are receiving the highest form of education in a new educational paradigm world.

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